SF:ius – Social Fringe: interesting untold stories is a non-profit organisation from Zagreb, Croatia.

SF:ius is a non-profit organization from Zagreb, committed to the articulation of critical attitudes produced by the actors in the position of power, in the discursive space of the ”social fringe”. For SF:ius this represents non-party and independent deflection of established social paradigms and an orientation towards subjects and topics left out of, or insufficiently represented in the dominant structures of knowledge and meaning production. SF:ius uses interdisciplinary methodology, which includes, but is not limited to artistic practice and political analysis. The programs that SF:ius implements rely upon scientific, research, artistic, advocacy and activist work. Topics and content of the programs cover the current problems in the fields of philosophy, art practice and theory, memory studies, history, politics and social theory. The purpose of SF:ius is to promote and improve equality, the egalitarian distribution of power, equal opportunities, sustainable future, social justice and innovative solutions for social tensions. SF:ius achieves sustainable and positive change through participation in the establishment of platforms, including advocacy and collaborative platforms. SF:ius conducts and supports a variety of activities: education and information campaigns, public events (round tables, conferences), independent research, education, publishing projects and cooperation with national and international organizations, institutions, groups and individuals.




Tamara Buble

Ena Grabar

Mateja Kuka

Lana Lovrenčić

Nikola Puharić

Tihana Pupovac

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